Safety & Security

Safety Training & Information

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is committed to supporting Norfolk Southern Railway and CSXT with enforcement of all safety policies applicable to the projects.  All personnel working near the tracks or within the project work limits will be required to maintain compliance with the most current revision of CFR Title 49, Part 214 – Railroad Workplace Safety, as well as any safety policy or requirement provided by the operating railroad (NSR or CSXT), at all times.  Each Contractor and Subcontractor will be accountable for any and all of their employees, vendors and subcontractors in relation to these projects.

It is strongly recommended that all equipment operators, including trucks and delivery vehicles, be trained through a safety course addressing operation of vehicles and/or equipment near railroad tracks. 

 Roadway Worker Protection Trainers

Providers of rail related Roadway Worker Protection (RWP), accepted by CSX and/or NS railroads, are listed below.  The provider contact information is not in any rank order and is as provided to North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), Rail Division.

Susan Dunshee
Office – 904-296-8088 x21

 STV / Ralph Whitehead Associates
Lisa Stone
Office – 704-816-2551

Wilbur Smith Associates
Alan Kreisher
Mobile – 302-530-9697

E-Rail Safe Requirements
With limited exceptions, contractors working within the railroad rights-of-way will be required to comply with the E-Rail Safe program. For additional information, access the Norfolk Southern Railroad E-Rail Safe requirements by clinking here.

Please contact Eric K. Swanson, NCDOT Rail Division, with any other verified sources of CSX and/or NS approved RWP training.