North Carolina Department of Transportation - Programming and TIP Tentative Letting

The North Carolina Department of Transportation Project Management Unit manages and provides information on the status of NCDOT projects statewide. In order to coordinate the letting of contracts over the course of a year, the Project Management Unit issues a monthly 12-Month Tentative Letting List. These projects are closely monitored to make sure schedules are met and the Letting List is updated to reflect these changes. This information is very valuable for contractors and NCDOT Division Staff as they plan for upcoming equipment and staffing needs. It also provides background for short-term budget projections.
Information on this page will be updated as new information becomes available. Please check back frequently.

Below is a table of active Piedmont Improvement Program projects and letting information. Click image to download scalable PDF version:

This project list will provide contractors with a rough timeline for when projects are proposed to be let for construction.  For additional information on these and other active NCDOT projects, click on the below link to access the Connect NCDOT Bidding & Letting page.


Norfolk Southern Railway will manage track and signal construction for the majority of this program.  Please click here for information about these contract opportunities..

CSX  will manage the S-line grading work for the Raleigh Union Station project.  Please click here for information about these contract opportunities.